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Travel Nursing Licenses: What You Need to Know

Travel Nursing Licenses

Getting travel nursing licenses is crucial to being able to travel when and where you want.  Knowing the time it will take for the license to become active or even if you’re currently licensed in that state can be researched and handled ahead of your desired start date.  Learning the typical wait times for states…

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Travel Nursing Jobs: How Much Can You Make in 2019

Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel nursing is a unique and exciting field that offers many challenges and opportunities for nurses to learn and grow. Due to a shortage of skilled nurses in some areas, hospitals are often willing to hire qualified travel nurses on a contract basis to fill in the gaps. And continue giving their patients the quality…

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How Do I Become a Travel Nurse?

How do I become a travel nurse

So you’re asking yourself how do i become a travel nurse.  You’ve heard of the great pay and the flexible time off.  But you want to know how to get the process started.  What is a Travel Nurse? A travel nurse is a specialized nurse who works for medical facilities, usually hospitals and clinics, where…

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