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Travel Nursing Direct is designed to answer real questions about travel nursing and inform new and current Travel Nurses on the industry and how to be a successful traveler.  

Travel the country while helping people in all areas of the United States.  The demand for travel nurses is high and will only continue to increase.  Take advantage of your skills and travel to different cities, helping hospitals around the U.S. all the while maximizing your earning potential.  It's a Win, Win, Win! 

Whether it's your 1st or 100th assignment, Travel Nursing Direct has something for you.  Hundreds of travel nurses have spoken to our experts and joined our community.

Site Contributors


Kirsten Conrad


Kirsten Conrad is a travel nurse in London, England.  She moved there on contract in the spring of 2019 to work in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in a hospital in Cambridge, England. Follow Kirsten on her Instagram and learn more about her at www.anursetravels.com

When I get some time off, I like to travel as much as I can and visit quirky and interesting places in London.




Katherine Reagan


Katherine Reagan has been a nurse for 5 years.  Her site www.onehappynurse.com shares tips and tricks on what it takes to be a successful Travel and Staff Nurse.  If you are a nursing student, she will help you prepare with real life examples and ways to thrive mentally, emotionally and physically while you are still in school.

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