What is Travel Nursing?

What is Travel Nursing?

Travel nursing is what you make of it.  A great way to explore while earning life altering pay.  See new places, hospitals and make new friends all in the process.  Prepare for YOUR JOURNEY!

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Travel Nursing Tips to Know!

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Fastaff Travel Nursing Agency Review



We've pulled together knowledge from Travel Agencies, Recruiters and also Current & Former Travel Nurses.  You won't be put on a call list and you won't receive 100 calls from recruiters.  Our aim is to help nurses understand their options and inform them the best way to start travel and do it efficiently.  


No other blog site has information from every angle of travel nursing.  We go further to not only explain the topics discussed in our blogs but also the why behind them.  So many nurses are traveling and uninformed on extremely important topics to their career.  Even if you're a travel nursing veteran, Travel Nursing Report has something for you.

Helping Nurses learn about Travel Assignments & how to maximize their Travel Nursing career.


We aren't just bloggers. Our team is comprised of a team of experienced travel nursing recruiters, agency personnel, and of course NURSES!. We have successfully managed thousands of travel assignments on all levels of the industry, as well as all of the nuances that come with travel nursing.   You simply won't find this anywhere else.


The whole idea begin creating Travel Nursing Report was to be a resource to anyone looking to successfully navigate this industry. Through our years of experience, we realized that the best recruiters are available to their nurses outside of the corporate 9-5 shift. Sometimes that isn't the case for travelers, feel free to search topics here or don't hesitate to contact us.  Join our community today and gain access to up to date Jobs & Salary information. 


Travel Nursing in COVID: What to Do If Your Contract Was Cancelled

While some hospitals have had help from nurses traveling around the country to address the COVID-19 pandemic, some unfortunate nurses have had their contracts canceled. This is due to less demand for specialty nurses, mainly because of the move to reduce non-urgent care in an effort to limit the virus’s spread. If you are one…
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travel nurse

Staying Safe and Heathy – What Every Travel Nurse Needs to Know

Becoming a travel nurse comes with plenty of challenges—not only are you exposed to various illnesses, but the prospect of traveling can also put a stop into your healthy routines. While you may already be living a healthy lifestyle, keeping up with all things healthy can be difficult to do on the road.  You’ll be…
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Young nurse portrait

How to Prepare for Travel Nursing While Still in School

If you are a nursing student who loves seeing new cities AND states, starting a travel nursing career is the perfect fit. However, the road to becoming a travel nurse is long.  You must graduate from nursing school, pass the NCLEX, and work as a hospital or clinic nurse before becoming eligible for a job that allows…
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Travel Nursing during the Pandemic

How Travel Nursing is Adjusting to Pandemic Protocols

As healthcare establishments fill up with thousands of COVID-19-positive patients, you may be wondering whether becoming a travel nurse is still a viable option. As the Coronavirus continues to hit hard in regions all over the United States, hospitals have experienced a massive patient influx, dropping off elective procedures and facing new financial realities. Healthcare…
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GHR Travel Nursing

GHR Travel Nursing: Review & Info

Find Your Next Adventure With GHR Travel Nursing  Are you looking for a change and want to know what it would be like to find your adventure with GHR Travel Nursing? Well, perhaps if you stick around, all of your questions will be answered shortly and you will have a clearer understanding of what GHR…
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travel nurse pay package

Travel Nurse Pay Package: Complete Guide (With Examples)

So your recruiter has sent you a “travel nurse pay package”.  You can’t submit and agree to this pay without knowing what exactly it is.  It looks enticing but what is a pay package? How does an agency come up with this amount? Most importantly, where can you find the highest pay packages? What is…
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