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Travel nursing information and resources can be found here to help you whether you're a current Traveling Nurse or a Nursing Student.  Join our community of Nurses.  See Current Jobs.  Compare Salary/Agencies.  Nursing Programs. 

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Helping Nurses learn about Travel & how to maximize their career.


We've pulled together knowledge from Travel Agencies, Recruiters and also Current & Former Travel Nurses.  You won't be put on a call list and you won't receive 100 calls from recruiters.  Our aim is to help nurses understand their options and inform them the best way to start travel and do it efficiently.  


No other blog site has information from every angle of travel nursing.  We go further to not only explain the topics discussed in our blogs but also the why behind them.  So many nurses are traveling and uninformed on extremely important topics to their career.  Even if you're a travel nursing veteran, Travel Nursing Report has something for you.


We aren't just bloggers. Our team is comprised of a team of experienced travel nursing recruiters, agency personnel, and of course NURSES!. We have successfully managed thousands of travel assignments on all levels of the industry, as well as all of the nuances that come with travel nursing.   You simply won't find this anywhere else.


The whole idea begin creating Travel Nursing Report was to be a resource to anyone looking to successfully navigate this industry. Through our years of experience, we realized that the best recruiters are available to their nurses outside of the corporate 9-5 shift. Sometimes that isn't the case for travelers, feel free to search topics here or don't hesitate to contact us.  Join our community today and gain access to up to date Jobs & Salary information. 

How To Get Into Travel Nursing

How To Get Into Travel Nursing

Wondering how to get into travel nursing?  Are you a nurse with a case of wanderlust? Does traveling around the country, making new friends, and experiencing life from new perspectives sound exciting? Becoming a travel nurse allows you to do all this and more. There is something quite incredible about having the skill set and…
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Travel Nursing Resume

Travel Nursing Resume: How To Stand Out

Travel Nursing Resume Secrets When you’re actively working towards getting an assignment with a recruiter, the agency will create a travel nursing resume for you from the information you provide them.  The Agency will send you an email that allows you to input your work history, or they’ll request a resume from you.  These items…
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What is travel nursing

What is Travel Nursing?

What is Travel Nursing? What is travel nursing and how does it work? I’m Kristen Conrad of and I’m here to explain one of the best decisions I’ve ever made to become a travel  nurse!  A travel nurse is a registered nurse that works through an agency rather than for a hospital or a…
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