How Does Travel Nursing Work

How Does Travel Nursing Work

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So you’re ready to take the leap and you want to know how does travel nursing work?  You feel equipped and ready to dive head first into the most exciting adventure of your career. You have prepared for the unknown and developed your skill set. You are ready to travel and take care of patients all over the country. So what’s next? There are several facets to consider in properly preparing yourself for your first assignment.


Nurse-Recruiter Relationship

One of the most important decisions you will make when choosing to become a travel nurse is which company and recruiter you select. Know that you have full discretion in this process and can choose the exact match you need in order to fit your needs. Researching different companies online or even reaching out to other travelers you know is a great way to learn about different companies. Once you have found one that seems to be a good fit, it is time to reach out and send an email. A recruiter will most likely get back with you rather quickly and you can schedule a phone call to get to know them and the company a little better. Being upfront with your desires as a traveler is crucial during this time period. Maybe you are aiming to chip away at your student loans and need a high-paying assignment or maybe you simply want to travel the country and see as many cities as possible. Making your motives clear will allow for a smooth nurse-recruiter relationship.


Interview Time

Now you’re wondering how does travel nursing work in regards to actually getting an assignment?  Once you decide with your recruiter that you would like to be submitted for certain jobs, time is of the essence and preparation is imperative. Having your resume on you at all times and a list of questions to ask the managers from different hospitals that call you and interview you is always a good idea. Making yourself readily available for a phone interview is smart. Tailor your resume for traveling and list your skillset. Be confident in your abilities and know that if a position and a place are meant to be, it will be yours!


You Got the Job!

How exciting! You are officially a travel nurse! There are so many exciting experiences ahead. Take this moment in, knowing that the adventure of a lifetime is just ahead of you. Before beginning the journey to your new career there are a few items to check off the ‘To-Do’ list.


Contract Negotiations

Are you working day shift or night shift? What is your pay rate? Is it competitive for that area in the country? What are your insurance options? What stipends are being offered? How often can you be placed “on-call” or “cancelled” by the hospital? What are your housing options? Are there specific days you would like to request off within the duration of your contract? How long is your contract?  Will you be required to float to other units? These and more are all very important questions that should be answered and clearly defined in your contract before signing. Feel nervous or overwhelmed? No need to sign anything until you feel confident about your decisions and fully understand your contract. Your recruiter will help you navigate this and more!


Safety First

Ensuring that you have housing, transportation and familiarity with an area before you begin work is quite important. Now is the time to reach out to short-term corporate-rental companies, AirBNB, or company-provided housing and secure your temporary home.  Consider the flow of traffic and distance to travel to the hospital if you have a contract inner-city. Is there public transportation? Will you have somewhere to safely park your car? Thinking through these obstacles ahead of time will save you many-a-headache and allow you peace of mind as you begin your new career.


You did it!

You’ve figured out It’s time to embark on your journey and begin your travels. Once you arrive to your destination, it is always a great idea to immediately find the hospital campus and familiarize yourself with the area. Make new friends, be open to advice and enjoy every minute!  How does travel nursing work?  Follow all of these tips and you will find yourself exactly where you need to be.  Cheers!


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Our community of Pre-Nursing, Current RNs, Travel RNs and Post Graduate Nurses is here to help share their knowledge and experience with you. Learn about Travel Nursing, Find an assignment, or Figure it YOUR next step:

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