Travel Nursing during the Pandemic

How Travel Nursing is Adjusting to Pandemic Protocols

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As healthcare establishments fill up with thousands of COVID-19-positive patients, you may be wondering whether becoming a travel nurse is still a viable option. As the Coronavirus continues to hit hard in regions all over the United States, hospitals have experienced a massive patient influx, dropping off elective procedures and facing new financial realities. Healthcare providers are now undergoing furloughs and layoffs, making permanent work a thing of the past—or at least until the Coronavirus ends its reign. That being said, if you’re seeking a travel nursing career, you may just be in luck.

Consider Your Opportunities

As you begin to pursue a travel nursing career, you must get your documents in check. From your travel nurse resume to a nursing license, keeping track of tests, affidavits, and the like in advance can help you in the long run. As hiring managers review your profile, you want to present them with a portfolio that is as complete as it can be.

More importantly, pinpointing your best travel opportunities can help you narrow down your career path. Perhaps you’re looking to travel exclusively along the West Coast or want to make your way across the entire country. Whatever the case, plan ahead of time.

Be More Flexible

As with any nomadic type of job, you’ll have to be prepared to work in different clinical settings and remain open to new locations, shifts, and assignment lengths. From the standard 13-week assignments most travel nurses adhere to, these can either be cut short or extended depending on the establishment’s situation. If you’re currently furloughed, such positions can help you bridge employment gaps and earn more income while you wait to return to a staff position.

Some travel opportunities are more versatile in their demands for long-term care, rehabilitation, and nursing facilities. Especially amidst the pandemic, most medical facilities are focused on caring for the geriatric population.

Remain Patient and Persistent

As healthcare opportunities become more rewarding due to the height of the pandemic, you should remain vigilant in searching for an opportunity that best suits your skillset. Having said that, the more positions that you remain open to, the greater your chances of being absorbed by an agency.

Be persistent in submitting more resumes than you’re used to. By opening up to a greater variety of settings, you not only increase your chances of being hired but find new ways to expand your skills and specialties.

Work With a Recruiter

We’ll be the first to admit that landing a travel nursing job on your own can be a tough process. By working with a recruiter, you can relay all your special qualifications and work towards positioning yourself as an in-demand employee.

In your resume, highlight sought-after specializations and skills that a potential employer can’t resist. List your experience with any advanced equipment or technology and emphasize your willingness to learn and adjust.


A great way for exploring your options during the pandemic, travel nursing provides you with life-altering pay and unique opportunities. The best way to land a travel nursing position is to express your team spirit to recruiters and agencies alike.

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Our community of Pre-Nursing, Current RNs, Travel RNs and Post Graduate Nurses is here to help share their knowledge and experience with you. Learn about Travel Nursing, Find an assignment, or Figure it YOUR next step:

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