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Travel Nurse Salary Los Angeles | Get Paid & See the City

Travel Nurse Salary Los Angeles

Salary of a travel nurse depends on a number of factors such as experience, level, specialty and specific healthcare they are working in. But what is the average salary of a travel nurse in Los Angeles? The average salary for a travel nurse in Los Angeles is between $92,000 and $120,000 per year, with the…

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Travel Nurse for Medical Surgical Nurse

travel nursing med surg

Registered nurses (RNs) who practice travel nursing med surg work on temporary contracts at a variety of healthcare facilities around the nation. Adult patients with medical and surgical disorders are the main focus of the nursing specialty known as medical-surgical nursing. As a travel nursing med surg, your responsibility would be to offer care to…

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Unlocking Travel Nursing Jobs of San Diego: Full Review

San Diego Travel Nurse

If you’re a healthcare professional looking for the opportunity to travel and explore, then San Diego is your golden ticket! Located in sunny Southern California, San Diego offers stunning beaches, interesting attractions, delicious restaurants, and lots of potential for growth – not to mention plenty of opportunities for travel nursing. From its impeccable weather year-round…

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A Travel Nurse in California: A Complete Guide

travel nurse in california

Ah, California. The Golden State – a place of sunshine and beaches, home to the most populous city in the U.S. and the entertainment capital of the world. But it’s also an amazing place to work if you’re a travel nurse! Not only is it a great place to explore and experience new cultures, but…

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Exploring the Benefits of Being a Part-Time Travel Nurse

Part-Time Travel Nurse

Exploring the Benefits of Being a Part-Time Travel Nurse So you’re a nurse and you’re looking for something new and exciting. Well, look no further! Have you ever considered being a part-time travel nurse? Not only is it fun and exciting, but it can be incredibly rewarding both mentally and financially. Let’s explore all of…

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How to Prepare for Travel Nursing While Still in School

Young nurse portrait

If you are a nursing student who loves seeing new cities AND states, starting a travel nursing career is the perfect fit. However, the road to becoming a travel nurse is long.  You must graduate from nursing school, pass the NCLEX, and work as a hospital or clinic nurse before becoming eligible for a job that allows…

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How Travel Nursing is Adjusting to Pandemic Protocols

Travel Nursing during the Pandemic

As healthcare establishments fill up with thousands of COVID-19-positive patients, you may be wondering whether becoming a travel nurse is still a viable option. As the Coronavirus continues to hit hard in regions all over the United States, hospitals have experienced a massive patient influx, dropping off elective procedures and facing new financial realities. Healthcare…

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