MedPro Healthcare Staffing

For an experience you won’t find with any other healthcare staffing agency, choose MedPro and discover The MedPro Experience®!

The MedPro Experience® is a personalized employee engagement program that embraces and celebrates our mobile workforce of dedicated travel nurses and allied professionals and their pursuit of rewarding career experiences. Our goal is for you to have a stress-free experience that you find personally and professionally rewarding – a MedPro Experience®!

Agency Corporate Information

Address: Int’l Place at Sawgrass II
1580 Sawgrass Corporate Pkwy.
Suite 200
Sunrise, FL 33323
Phone: 954.739.4247
Toll Free: 800.886.8108
Fax: 954.332.4340


Fast Assignments

High Pay

$4,000 Referral Bonus

Short Staff Facilities

Agency Review

The agency Fastaff specializes in placing staff either in hospitals needing travel nurses extremely quickly or they have a great need for a number of travelers.  This means you must be able to hit the ground running once on assignment and the unit may be very short staffed. 


This can sometimes be difficult situations but also very lucrative.  It's not out of the question to make $10,000 Net Weekly depending on the speciality and state.  They also work with assignments that are shorter than the normal 13 week average.

Fusion Medical Staffing Testimonials

Great company. My recruiter was easily accessible via text, email, or phone, which is very important to me. I felt that he maximized my pay when I extended my contract. Always receive my paycheck on time. Only once or twice where they made small errors, but wasn't a big thing and they rectified it. I would use them again.

Med Pro has been absolutely amazing to work with. My Recruiter Karen has been so wonderful to work with. You can tell she cares about me as a person first. She has been there for me through all of my assignments. She has gone to bat for me when the facility I worked at gave me trouble. Med pro has always had plenty of assignment offers throughout areas I was interested in traveling to. I have recommended this company to other travelers who have thanked me for showing them med pro! Med pro is definitely worth looking into as a new or seasoned travel nurse!

My recruiter Kenny is the greatest. He always listens to what I want in an assignment and then goes out and finds it. He is accessible to me any time of day by phone or text. Paycheck has never been late. I am happy with my company.

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