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Are you a healthcare professional seeking a career as a traveler in any part of the United States? For a transparent and honest process, allow Nurse First to help you out! We are an Agency started by a nurse and we maintain a very pro-medical professional mindset opposed to simply business. Our business is transparency and honesty. We look forward to speaking with you further about our groundbreaking methods that set us apart from any other agency while we help facilitate your job placement, where ever that may be.

Our Mission is to be the agency that restores the trust, compassion and accountability within our industry. By allowing our core values of accountability, clear and timely communication, honesty, respect and transparency to guide all of our actions we are not only strengthening our network of long-term, trusting relationships but we are rapidly growing said network. By doing so, this continues to allow us to provide our clients with access to some of the industry’s most skilled and confident travelers while giving our travelers opportunities to work at some of the nation’s most prestigious facilities



Agency Corporate Information


Fast Assignments

High Pay

$4,000 Referral Bonus

Short Staff Facilities

Agency Review

The agency Fastaff specializes in placing staff either in hospitals needing travel nurses extremely quickly or they have a great need for a number of travelers.  This means you must be able to hit the ground running once on assignment and the unit may be very short staffed. 


This can sometimes be difficult situations but also very lucrative.  It's not out of the question to make $10,000 Net Weekly depending on the speciality and state.  They also work with assignments that are shorter than the normal 13 week average.

Medical Solutions Testimonials

While Nurse First Travel Agency is fairly new, the company is owned and operated by nurses who have worked as staff and agency nurses. Never once have I felt like a tally in a monthly quota. The professionalism and personal attention received by my recruiter, Maren, and Wendy, COO, is phenomenal...both ladies are rockstars! 01/04/2020

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