At Triage, we tell it like it is.

That’s how we ensure travelers get where they want to go. And facilities find the talent they need.

We are a fairly young company (we started in 2006). And we’re more than okay with that. Because it’s all well and good to learn from the past, but it’s disastrous to be stuck in it. And stuck in a one-size-fits-all, churn-and-burn mentality is not what Triage is about. Never has been. Never will be.

Instead, we prefer to be real. Real about expectations – both ours and yours. Real about how a decision you make today could affect your tomorrows. Real about how compensation actually works. Real about how great – or grating – your next supervisor may be.

Being real allows everyone at Triage to be ready. Ready to serve you with real honesty. So if that gig near the ocean is really no day at the beach, or that third shift comes with a second-class rate, we tell you. So you can be ready, too.

  • We serve five major divisions of acute care – nursing, lab, radiology, rehab therapy and cardiopulmonary
  • One point of contact for both travelers and facilities (per division)
  • In-house compliance and accounting specialists
  • On-staff clinical liaisons
  • Mentoring program that is run and managed by actual clinicians – yeah, you read that right
  • And more (because of course there’s more)

Are we the biggest? No. Are we the best? That’s rather subjective, but we’re trying to be. Will we work like hell to get you as close to your idea of heaven as possible? Yes. Yes, we will.

Agency Corporate Information

Address: 105 Decker Court
Suite 735
Irving, TX 75062
Phone: 877-343-1607


Fast Assignments

High Pay

$4,000 Referral Bonus

Short Staff Facilities

Agency Review

The agency Fastaff specializes in placing staff either in hospitals needing travel nurses extremely quickly or they have a great need for a number of travelers.  This means you must be able to hit the ground running once on assignment and the unit may be very short staffed. 


This can sometimes be difficult situations but also very lucrative.  It's not out of the question to make $10,000 Net Weekly depending on the speciality and state.  They also work with assignments that are shorter than the normal 13 week average.

Triage Testimonials

Triage is a really good company to work for.
Registered Nurse ICU (Current Employee) - Nevada - March 2, 2020
I can always call my recruiter at Triage and they would solve any issue I had. They always have my back. If they don’t know the answer to a problem they will find out. They are very friendly.
Travel nursing
Cardiac Cath Lab RN and Interventional Radiology RN (Current Employee) - Travel nurse, multiple states - April 24, 2020
If you want to experience different work environments in different cities and states, travel nursing is the way to go. They help with securing your position and will help with housing if you choose.

I've been traveling as an RN for 5 years now and decided to change up my company for multiple reasons at the last minute. I'm currently 3 weeks into my first assignment with Triage and so far the staff I've spoke with have been so personable, never seemed rushed or pushy and seem so down to earth. My recruiter Todd is hilarious and genuine which makes for such a great experience. At no point did I feel pressure from him to sign a contract as I usually do. I felt that he was open to continue looking for the right spot for me, and in that freedom, that gave me peace of mind about working with him and his company.

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